Caspian Chemistry Company With the goals of innovation in raw materials and technology (high-tech) and advanced based on the needs of the day in partnership with oil and gas projects, Petrochemical, Industrial and Commercial


Production of products and consumables for office and advertising machinesTypes of laser printers inkjet and Outdoor and indoor.Types of Sovent and Compounds

Green Energy Innovators Refinery Based on Invention No. 36198 is built with gas feed in South Pars. It is a product of personal jet gasoline refinery, without the need for octane booster and with ron 113

Summary of research activities and inventions related to single and required projects

With natural gas feed as a mega project. Despite receiving foreign facilities, it has stopped in terms of sanctions. The products of this project are: urea, ethylene, polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene and perchlorethylene.
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Our Activites

Production and trade of additive and emulsifier Drilling mud

Oil Based
Water Based

Import And Export

Exports and imports from Russia


Products required Corona virus

Supplier of equipment and catalysts with financial support

Providing all kinds of catalysts used in petrochemicals and equipment required in projects in cash and credit

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