About Product

The company’s researchers have been able to obtain a new environmentally friendly compound with the code AZ-AF401 and ch-rp-949899, which after being mixed with a ratio of five percent with gasoline is completely saturated and will never be two-phase. For every 85% octane added to gasoline


-Exhaust gases from combustion and combustion will reduce toxic hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides

-Increases an octane number by 8 units depending on the quality of the fuel base

0Prevents scratches on valves and outlets

-Completely improves the cycle of fuel systems

-Prevents knocking and knocking of the engine during heating

-Increases engine output

-Suitable for machines with catalytic converter

-Lack of methanol and MTBE / lead oxide

About the company
Caspian Chemical Company of Anzali Free Zone with registration number 2722 in 1994 its activity for industrialization of projects:
Isopropyl – Refined octane alcohol – Octane booster – Molecular types of refineries and petrochemicals – A4 zeolite – Antifreeze diesel – Liquid isogum – Primer – Technical knowledge of wgm gasoline – Production of additives and equipment for solvent bleaching and solvent bleaching All kinds of water-based paints and anti-corrosion – toner and carbon black – perfume and essential oils; It started in the industrial town No. 1 of Anzali port with the aim of creating employment in Gilan province.